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Our start-up growth solutions are designed to empower your success with the right support at the right time. Starting a business can be a difficult, emotional and volatile journey; the freedom and rewards of owning your own business will take time to realize, and having experienced people in your corner can make that journey to success faster, smarter and more predictable.


With so many innovative people starting businesses based on amazing ideas, to this day, why do so many start-ups fail within the first 3 years? Here are some of the main reasons and key areas we help our clients address:

No Market Need

The biggest reasons why start-ups fail is they create a product that the market just doesn’t want, or should we say, timing could be wrong, or the product is just seen as a luxury and buyers cannot justify spending budget. Whatever the reason, understanding your target audiences needs and product/market fit is essential if you are to be successful.

Team Focus
Enjoying what you do and sharing that enjoyment with likeminded people in your team is important. But so is doing what you are good at. We cannot stress enough the importance this “for less stress, do what you do best and outsource the rest”.
Pricing Issues

Who would have thought 20 years ago so many books could be written about pricing! Ultimately your price is based on your value, and your value is what your clients will buy. In the modern SaaS world, there are many MRR and ARR pricing approaches you can take, but if you align your value to solving a real pain point, and further align this to a positive return for your clients, pricing issues won’t be something that keeps you awake at night.

Ran Out of Cash
Another big issue? Running out of money before you can get anywhere. We speak to many companies who are looking to raise $500k, $1m, $5m when in fact, they actually need to raise considerably more to get anywhere close to achieving their first milestones. We help our clients align their funding needs to their upscale plan.

It happens. Whether a big company plays in your space, or lots of smaller imitators spring up, you will always have direct and indirect competition. How to avoid getting outcompeted, will be ones of those things as a start-up founder that you agonize over. We have supported many founders to stay on the right track and not get pulled into a pricing race to the bottom to grab market share.

Poor Marketing
No matter how great your product is, your startup will most likely fail if no one knows about it. Poor marketing is a major reason a lot of startups fail and one that we really roll our sleeves up and get stuck into with our clients. Even when you’re bootstrapping it is mission critical to build your target audience, educate them about the journey you are on, create a continual feedback loop with your prospects and let them guide you on how to align your messaging to their real needs and pain points.
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